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Welcome to the world of Captain Pulsar

Harness Pulsar Power in the world of Captain Pulsar - a new super hero. He is as strong as Wonder Man, as intelligent as Bruce Banner, as honourable as Captain America Steve Rogers, and has the stamina and strength levels of Black Adam. Step into his shoes and fight his enemies in this action adventure flight game.

Captain Pulsar's first adventure game is free to download on Apple iTunes >

The DeSuHu Corporation is the shady multi-billion dollar corporation that is trying to create super-powered mercenaries. There are billions of dollars to be made creating a league of super mercenaries and they have made a breakthrough with a talented group of scientists. They didn't expect that they would create an enemy that would try to - and have the super powers to - destroy them. That enemy is Captain Pulsar.

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Captain Pulsar Game Download in iTunes

Your Mission: To destroy the secret HQ of the DeSuHu Corporation. Do this by dodging & destroying the super villains and the obstacles, such as:

How Does The Game Work? It is a flight game. YOU control Captain Pulsar and you have to shoot to destroy the dangerous obstacles and the super villains. If you take too many hits...Captain Pulsar will be defeated.

There is a special prize for the first person to defeat the DeSuHu Corporation and get to the end of the game. PULSAR POWER!

The Captain the super villains