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Captain PulsarCaptain Pulsar

Captain Pulsar

Height: 6'5
Real name: Dr. John James Stephens

DeSuHu Power Rating:
Intelligence: 3 (Genius human level)
Strength: 4 (Class 2-20 strength)
Speed: 3 (Under mach 3)
Durability: 3 (Somewhat difficult to injure)
Energy Projection: 4 (No energy projection)
Fighting Ability: 4 (skilled in several combat techniques)

John was the lead scientist for the 'Excalibur Project' at the top-secret DeSuHu lab. This project involved experimenting with augmenting the transduction of neuro signalling throughout the neuro-muscular and immuno pathways. John was tricked into ingesting some of his promising test formula. John was involved in the 'accident' which exposed him to high energy, super accelerated photons from the Hadron accelerating machines.

This activated the test formula reaction in his body, and this means that amongst other abilities, John has super-being level strenth and power and speed. The transformed Rhodopsin G-Proteins in his retina an cornea causes colour changes according to how agitated/stressed John is. His power and abilities are 'always on' and can be augmented depending on stress levels and exposure to ultraviolet radiation (from the sun).

Captain Pulsar is able to fly at great speed (> Mach 2) as his body is able to manipulate sound, light and electromagnetic waves and fields. This ability can be controlled and intensified to project powerful blasts/energy bolts. In heightened anger Captain Pulsar can also form an effective energy force field as self defense.

John was on romantic terms with co-worker Jessica Elliott before the 'accident'. He was a colleague of Photon and Neutron Star (as well as being Neutron Star's brother-in-law). John was working at DeSuHu partly under duress. He was pressured into heading up the Excalibur project by members of the DeSuHu board who claimed to be able to shed light on the death of John’s father.

His Mission

To destroy the DeSuHu Corporations secret lab and expose their nefarious aims and activities.

Captain Pulsar's first adventure game is free to download on Apple iTunes >

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