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Neutron StarNeutron Star

Neutron Star

Height: 6'5
Real name: Dr. Xavier Franklin

DeSuHu Power Rating:
Intelligence: 3 (genius human level)
Strength: 4 (Class 2-20 strength)
Speed: 4 (> mach 3)
Durability: 3 (Difficult to injure)
Energy Projection: 4 (Extremely powerful energy projection)
Fighting Ability: 3 (A skilled fighter)

Radio-Nano Pharmacologist Xavier Franklin was head of the 'Durendal' Project. The ‘accident’ involved Xavier being bombarded by latent high energy radioisotope rays that transformed the G-Proteins and mitochondrion of his musculo structure.

The transformation means that Xavier as Neutron Star has preternatural physical abilities including strength and the ability to project high energy neutron blasts that can be concussive to fellow super powered beings and can destroy buildings. His altered G-Protein response enables him to heal rapidly. He can run at the speed of sound. His ability to generate extreme electromagnetic wave distortion confers him the ability to fly as well as his other DeSuHu colleagues.

Xavier Franklin's Durendal project team had crossover with an even more secretive project team - 'Project Dyrnwyn'. Of the 4 new super-powered beings, only Xavier knows the identity of the Dyrnwyn Project investors and stakeholders.

Xavier has associations with several humans with augmented physiology who agreed to be assesed as part of his physiology trails and analysis.

Relationship to Captain Pulsar

Xavier Franklin was a professional rival to JJ before the accident. John had earned awards and recognition that Xavier thought he deserved more. He felt that John having a renowned father had made things easy for him. His professional jealousy conflicts with his status as John's brother-in-law; he is married to John's sister, Jennifer.

Because of his top secret project, Xavier has associations with several humans with augmented physiology. These individuals were not involved in the accident, so what will happen if they encounter Xavier? What have they been told by DeSuHu?

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