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Photon the Super Villain

Height: 6'1
Real name: Dr. Clark Samson Lewis

DeSuHu Power Rating:
Intelligence: 3 (Genius human level)
Strength: 3
Speed: 2 (Under mach 2)
Durability: 3 (Somewhat difficult to injure)
Energy Projection: 2 (Limited energy projection)
Fighting Ability: 4 (A skilled brawler who maximises his super abilities)

Powers: Photon is able to fly at great speeds as his body is able to produce and manipulate photon-rich electromagnetic fields. This electromagnetic field generating ability can be controlled by Photon and intensified to form an effective force field as self defense.

The exposure to massively accelerated atomic particles also augmented Photon's physical capabilities in terms of strength and endurance. In these two areas Photon has capabilities far beyond that of a normal yet super strong human man. For example, he is able to lift a tonne over his head comfortably and run at over twice the fastest speed a human male can achieve.

Associates: Photon combines forces with Neutron Star and Miss Quantum. This is a legacy of the original 'accident' that gave Photon his super powers. Photon was the head of the Kusanagi Project and has affiliations to this project's secret stakeholders.

Relationship to Captain Pulsar

Dr Clark Lewis met John Stephens (Captain Pulsar) at the commencement of his employment with the DeSuHu Corporation. Initially professional colleagues only, the two became friends in the busy and intense environment of the Halcyon Hadron Project. Heading up their own projects, the two men frequently collaborated and helped each other to progress and troubleshoot problems. Firstname helped save John's job with DeSuHu, vouching for his expertise and character, after a breach of security surrounding provocative results from John’s Excalibur project.

Before the 'accident' Dr Lewis found out something about John that made him doubt their friendship and the DeSuHu Corporation have used this angle to maintain the seeming enmity that Photon feels for Captain Pulsar.

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